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Work in progress:

• New designs for digital cut window film.
• Various methods and new designs for digital printing on flat glass.

Pattern for window film ,"Snitt"



Sandblasted glass: The pattern is sandblasted on one or both sides of the glass sheet. The technique may also be used on fire protection glass, tempered and laminated glass.

Laminated Glass: Digital transfer of the pattern image to a plastic film, which is then laminated in between two glass sheets.

By using digital printing technologies, patterns may be transferred to a variety of materials, here are some examples:

Flag fabric: Thin, half-transparent fabric, perfect for using as window cover. Also available with fire rating.

Window Film: Self-adhesive plastic film, often used to look like sandblasted glass.

Furnishing: Curtains and wall paper.

Other suggestions for products: Tufted carpets, tiles, etc.

Unique Solutions: Special solutions may also be developed, artistic decoration, design of rooms such as devotion rooms or other public or private places.
See examples of previous work on, click "Public works".

Custom designs: Development of new patterns compositions.

"Leaf", sandblasted glass,
Stockholm South General Hospital

"Forest", carpet,
hand tufted wool

"Flower", digital print
on Flag fabric

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